We celebrate simplicity.

At La Clinica we are dedicated to creating timeless products with fine regard for the details. We love good design and have great respect for our environment. We believe people have the power to shape things by choosing what to buy. For a modest price, we make high-quality products that last, with intrinsic beauty. Because objects are not just useful for specific occasions but can speak and share our ideals with others. All our pieces are handmade in Spain, one by one, with great care and love. If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, La Clinica pieces result into beautiful and simple artifacts.


Diseño realizado inhouse por La Clinica. Utiliza su lenguaje para realizar una tienda online perfectamente adaptada a sus consumidores.


Uno de los aspectos más caracerísticos de la página es la compra a través de dispositivos móviles y su gran capacidad para adaptarse a la pantalla.

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We love what we do

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